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Good for beginners


Elite Trainer Box

The Elite Trainer Boxes set up with the basic supplies for playing the game. Besides the 8-10 booster packs, they come with 65 thematic sleeves (usually featuring the box art Pokémon), Posion and Burn counters, and a set of dice for coin flips and damage.

On top of that, you get rulebook covering the basics of playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game, a booklet for the featured set, with a checklist to keep track of your collection and each box provides a nice looking storage container for your cards.


Pre-constructed decks

Theme decks and Battle decks are great products, for new players looking to acquire a ready-to-go deck or some of the best trainer cards for their own deck. 

Where Theme decks are usually cheaper than Battle decks, they come with less powerful cards, but provide a fun and easy learning experience for young kids. Each Theme Deck come with a 2-player playmat, markers, counters and coin so you are all set up to play.

Battle Decks on the other hand comes with more advanced and competitive decks. They are stronger cards, like Pokémon-EX/GX/V and they are constructed to revolve around a particular strategy, which you can learn from the complementary Strategy Guide.


PTCG Mart Mystery Packs

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Pokemon TCG - Trainer's Toolkit

Trainer's Toolkit

This is the product that will set you up for Standard format. It has everything you could possibly need for building a strong core in any deck.

Each Toolkit comes with …

Along with the cards and booster packs, you get 65 thematic sleeves for your deck, metallic dice, and a burn and poison counter, so you’re all set up to play the Pokémon Trading Card game.


Build & Battle Kits

While the Build and Battle Boxes are not my first choice for a brand new player, it’s definitely a great choice for newer players looking to challenge themselves and evolve deck-building skills.

With this product you a pre-constructed evolution pack, containing 23 cards. This packs comes some fixed evolution lines and a few staple trainers. Along with this, you get 4 booster packs of the featured set. From the cards of the evolution pack and the booster packs you build a 40 card deck to face your opponents.

It’s a great opportunity for you and one or more your friends to have a fun day with the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

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